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Yaw Geez - Back To The Bassment

The New York emcee gets back into his element, showcasing his bars & witty wordplay.

Yaw Geez - Back To The Bassment

While I review and highlight new music on FreedStyles, there are albums that deserve their proper due, even if they've been out for a year. Back To The Bassment by Yaw Geez is one such album. Yaw Geez is a multi-talented emcee who made a name for himself on media platforms such as ESPN performing spoken word pieces The Journey for NFL Countdown.

Yaw is a veteran having already released albums Entry Level, Hump Day & You're All Welcome. Those albums show off Yaw's versatile songwriting & ability to carry themes. Back To The Bassment is different in that Yaw shifts from more traditional songwriting that have been prevalent in his previous 3 albums for a looser approach with a sharper focus on bars and wordplay.

Dushane and Sully is a head nodder that sets off the project and lets you know what kind of time Yaw is on. The Game On beat switches up the tempo but Yaw doesn't trip up. Nah he's absolutely floating over these trap style drums, making it seem effortless.

Summer Breeze sounds like a 90's throwback. The strings and piano sample creating the vibe while Yaw goes in his bag and stays there with an infectious rapped chorus

Y-A-W G cool as a summer breeze, set my heart on the feet, cement number 3's.

Take Two ft. Skyzoo is an absolute banger with stabbing horns and a scratched vocals from the likes of Method Man, Biggie. Here Yaw goes in his slow flow bag.

...used to miss trains now we switch planes. World wide traveler euro-step to the exchange, 3 stacks in each pocket boy big thangs.

For his part, Skyzoo blesses the track with a dope feature verse

I'm hot like this is a hold up and hoping nobody know us (huh), I threw entendres around that became slogans for all it be I'm all purpose like Jordan 3's.

Long before this album dropped I'd been hearing about the song Delladonne from the track's producer Kil. The bassline driven groove is the perfect backdrop for Yaw's laid back flow and bars. It's clear to see how much of a sneaker head Yaw is with all of the shoe references throughout this project and he really show his influences in his rhymes.

I give you all of me, all of the stories and all the gems, all written from the soul (sole) like Jordan 10's

The album wraps up with 2 jazzy boom bap instrumentals, the title track Back To The Bassment & the closer Shades Of Blue. Not too much to dissect about Back To The Bassment, just Yaw blacking out for 2:30 straight, while Shades Of Blue is more stream of consciousness type of rhymes. One thing I truly appreciate about this album is even with only 8 tracks, you get some diversity with the production. For his part, Yaw shows off some different flows as well, though you can't blame the man for staying in his pocket when the results are so dope.

Go cop Back To The Bassment on. Also available on Streaming.

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