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K!NG Jvmes x J.Arrr - Weather Report Two

The two bar heavy NC emcees display strong chemistry and dynamic lyricism on their latest EP

K!NG Jvmes x J.Arrr - Weather Report Two

While frequent collaborators K!ng Jvmes & J.Arrr may not be an official group it’s clear they have a special connection as emcees. Simply put, whenever they’re on a track together magic happens. Weather Report Two is the second in a series, following up the stellar first volume with was released in 2021.

The first voice heard on Weather Report Two is that of a meteorologist breaking down the science of sunrise, this transitions perfectly to the appropriately named Sunrise. J. Arrr sets things off immediately dropping gems and displaying his lyrical dexterity. No warmups here, just a sample of what to expect throughout the project.

We two for two, giving people a reason to overbook me, don’t matter the skill level a seasoned pro or rookie, gave some n*gg*s gems I don’t think they overstood me, so I see how they could be beneath me and overlook me.

K!NG Jvmes spits a verse celebrating the duo’s well-deserved accomplishments:

This ‘96 Champion sh*t, we took the Giannis route to bring the city a championship. Might as well go ‘head and hand me the chip, cause the team winning so much the jakes think we can’t be legit.

It must be acknowledged that all the production on Weather Report Two is handled J. Arrr who does an excellent job of creating a thematic body of work. Trust these are not simple looped samples and each track has a different feeling from the next proving that J. Arrr is no one-trick Pony.

On Scattered Showers, the track title is a metaphor to the song structure, and the dancing keys which are spaced out through the track add to that effect as well. J. Arrr & K!NG jvmes spit 2 shorter verses each, with a guest feature by V.A. TA sandwiched in the middle. The shorter verses are no less potent, full of quotables sure to have heads running it back to catch all the slick wordplay.

Took a bag now I broker deals I’m balling LiAngelo, I ask ‘em how does it feel, ain’t talking D’Angelo.

A prevalent theme here is the duo’s ability to rise above both lyrically and artistically while keeping their integrity intact.

A little different from the standard trope, we supposed to be animals but it’s only fly shit out the mandibles

Dismissing the next track, Haze Interlude would be foolish as it not only connects the project‘s theme but rewards the listener with some bars as well.

Following the interlude is Haze, which is already one of my favorite tracks of ‘22.

This is the album's peak and you truly get that feeling through the energy of the production. This track features Ja’king the Divine and K.J. with every emcee bringing their A-game, as a good posse cut should be.

K!NG jvmes sets things off and lets it be known…

We dropped at the top of the year so y’all can analyze who got it locked over the sea, land and skies.

J. Arrr follows with a bar heavy verse full of his signature witty quotable lines while taking aim at his detractors. Ja’king The Devine drops a standout guest verse, both keeping pace and setting himself apart, while K.J. anchors the lyrical relay and brings it all home.

The EP, as well as the weather concept, wraps up with Sunset which is only right after kicking it off with Sunrise. K!NG jvmes ties in the theme and concept from the opening bars,

I’m staring over the balcony wondering where the day’s gone, we in the middle of winter but I ain’t even really gotta try to stay warm.

The track builds as does jvmes flow and cadence while he gets in his bag. Another example of how J. Arrr’s production helps to bring out the best of the two emcees.

My brother told you how we do production. Even those late to the party know it‘s best not to sleep like a Kruger function.

This J. Arrr bar sums things up so perfectly. For those who appreciate lyricism and the fine art of emceeing, this EP is for you. Weather Report Two is not bars spit for bars sake either. Rappity Rap? This ain’t that, J. Arrr & K!NG jvmes make the technical feel effortless, but there's a message here.

Check out Weather Report Two on Apple Music, Spotify, and all your favorite streaming platforms.

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