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Numbz - Legacy Loading

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

The east coast emcee links up with producer links up with producer Furious Stylez for his latest album

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Numbz - Legacy Loading

The dope thing about Hip Hop is that it gives everyone a voice. Okay, sometimes that can be problematic! Sure, but overall having a wide range of perspectives isn't a bad thing.

Numbz is a 40 year old east coast emcee who embraces his age without seeing it as weakness or a stumbling block. He's intent on making his mark, which is really the over arching theme of the Legacy Loading as an album. On the opening track, Legacy Loading, anchored by the soulful production from Furious Stylez gives a nice 70's vibe. This sets the mood as Numbz introduces himself, while describing his music, purpose & state of mind.

I made a vow to be great and leave a mark, time is valuable use it wisely, that's a start. Don't use energy on those who ain't worth it, I know my purpose, I know I'm not perfect.

The next song is the melodic and soulful Higher, with Numbz taking an opportunity to argue his case, pleading that he deserves to be mentioned in rap conversations.

I got drive never seen in a Porsche, and these beats on life support. I got my second wind, y'all are flash in the pan kind of like Jeremy Lin.

The hook here is definitely a standout as well. With Numbz rap / sung chorus and complimentary vocal samples that just enhance the overall vibe. This joint really shows off the chemistry of Numbz & Furious Stylez

3 Of The Illest is a posse cut featuring emcees Abel Meri & K!ng Jvmes. As opposed to your typical posse cut this one's a very laid back affair with each emcee staying in pocket over the soulful Furious Stylez production. Numbz explains his choice of collaborators here.

I only link with the real, wanna know why? I don't connect with the rest, they like bad WiFi.

Nothing Even Matters continues continues the soulful vibe with an appearance by the vocalist Ravyyyy, who splits hook duties with Numbz. By this point in the album you really understand who Numbz target audience is. This is truly grown and mature Hip Hop from an emcee who's embracing his age; from the musical aesthetic to the old school references (Kid N' Play & Bruce Leroy).

Admittedly I was thrown off by the next track Floatin'. When I heard Furious Stylez sampling the same record used by Just Blaze for Exhibit C I wasn't sure what to think, but just 22 seconds in he won me over. The way he flips that sample is completely unique, sounding nothing like the Jay Electronica joint. This is also the most energetic beat on the album so far and is a welcome change of pace. Numbz continues to stay in pocket, and 'floats' as he says on the hook.

Ima float on these beats. (Yeah, yeah) Ima float on these beats, and I make it look easy. Coming for the crown, you can't tell me nothing like Yeezy.

The album continues with 1 of 1 where Numbz embraces his own uniqueness and work ethic while briefly showing off a different flow. This is followed by Winners with R&B vocalist TruSol on the hook. This is the first time Numbz doesn't take on at least partial hook duties. Furious Stylez gives more70's classic r&b feel here with Numbz lobbying for his name to be mentioned with the winners.

The 8 track album wraps up with Signing Off. This really bookend's the concept of Legacy Loading really nicely as a perfect closer to this project.

When I'm done check my resume, put me with the greats, I ain't there yet but I know my fate. So Ima work harder 'til my name's synonymous with Christopher Wallace and Sean Carter.

Yes, I know those are lofty goals for an indie, underground emcee, but you can't be mad at his optimism and positive affirmations.

Overall Legacy Loading is a solid project with a soulful vibe and strong hooks throughout. Numbz and Furious Stylez show strong chemistry throughout the album, which just feels good. This is grown Hip Hop that's aspirational.

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