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NEZA - The Grace Period

OMG artist Neza is back with his latest album... Buckle up for the ride!

Neza - The Grace Period

In 2020 Maryland producer Ojizz left his mark with 2 stellar albums showing off his versatility. Glory by veteran emcee Tracey Lee and My Imaginary Reality by the up-and-coming Neza. The latter is an eclectic body of work displaying many different sounds, styles & flows; none sounding forced. The Grace Period is Neza's triumphant return, showing off even more of his artistry and unapologetically staying true to himself.

Ojizz once again handles all the production on the latest album which is Neza's official OMG debut. The album opens with the return of "Cancel Culture" who was last heard on Bark On The Moon Talk Show. I Told You So is both an album intro and reintroduction of Neza who opens up about all the things he's been through during his hiatus.

The first single Get Up hosted by none other than Redman is a bonafied high energy banger that sounds even better in the context of the new album. Neza continues to display his versatility on Good Day, crooning on the hook while showing off his dynamic, never static flow over a feel good Ojizz track. As with My Imaginary Reality Ojizz & Neza don't let the listener get too comfortable with one vibe. Black Mirrors is a dark and brooding neck snapper.

Nothin' ta f*** wit' like the Wu, know some Ghosts and some Chefs. Know some dudes who are anxious to detect some disrespect.

Come for the catchy hook and production, stay for Neza's lyrical acrobatics.

Neza links with Tracey Lee for Higher which is easily an album highlight worthy of running back. The back and forth between the two emcees is flawless with each taking a different approach to Ojizz' production; their flows and delivery in pocket while dropping quotables.

You see I don't write raps I feel a vibe, so this is not a job now let me re-emphasize (let 'em know Tray) that as long as I'm alive and I could hear these youngin's like Tray yo that's fire, at large for these bars I transcribe, then I'ma be one of the ones that take 'em higher.
The mighty OMG home of the gifted, holy ghost misfit, homey don't play that so we don't mix with business and pleasure, couldn't walk in my shoes let alone know how these timbs fit precision is clever...

On Danger(Us) Neza gets honest and transparent about himself as well as some of his personal flaws. He continues to dive deeper into his personal thoughts on French Fries before revealing a session with his therapist (you gotta love Neza's self awareness and sense of humor here).

Neza also embraces being a Pour role model with a turn up anthem and tells us exactly what he thinks of others' Opinions.

Can't Get Enough is another single with a completely different vibe. This one's a funky groove for the dance floor. Neza not only bodies his verses but the hook as well, once again showing his artistic versatility.

Between Ojizz’ melodic production and Neza's introduction, Got Love appeared to have the makings of a classic Hip Hop love song. Then Neza spits his opening bars and you realize this is actually an anti-love song… still a vibe though! On the outro skit Neza takes some criticism for sabotaging the song. The guest suggests that Ojizz carried the track and that Neza will lose all of his female followers with this type of lyrical content.

The personal and self reflecting lyrics continue on Scripturez and Highs & Lows. This transitions to Smokers Lounge, where Neza explains how he chooses to deal with all the 'bad feelings'

All I do is hope for y'all to get close to all of them goals but y'all just don't know, how hard it is to keep a smile on, when problems pile on, but if so do you know it's all up in smoke. I took a puff and go, got a destructive soul, but if I never said a word then who'd f***ing know.

On GnS Neza dives into some of what he's dealt with over the past year or so, his stress and anxiety, (relatably) wishing he had an island so he could go there and stay there. The album concludes with Hold On, here Neza gives us his thoughts in a more stream of consciousnes form, sharing every emotion, giving a peek into the emcee’s psyche as well as giving listeners a lot to unpack.

If Neza's previous album was his 'Imaginary Reality' The Grace Period is his unfiltered truth. The OMG artist reveals much of himself over the album's 16 tracks. This album is so much more than the singles and what's on the surface. The album peels back the pressure and scrutiny that artists are under to meet expectations while also presenting the relatable human element of Neza; an imperfect, complex person going through life’s pressure, stress, self doubt and insecurity. Viewing the album in this light, The Grace Period can be taken as a double entendre of sorts.

Check out Neza's latest album The Grace Period produced by Ojizz, available on all streaming platforms.

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