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Knowitall & Skip The Kid - Music Saved Me

Producer Skip The Kid drafts emcee Knowitall to wax poetic over his production on this unapologetically underground release.

Music Saved Me

Knowitall & Skip The Kid - Music Saved Me

Knowitall is an underground emcee from NYC who has previously been featured on Freedstyles' 'Hip Hop Memories'. On the segment, he shared one of his oldest & fondest Hip Hop Memories.

Self confident is how I'd describe Knowitall as an emcee. He displays unorthodox flows and rhyme patterns in his songs and doesn't seem impressed by his competition. The possible influences that come to mind stylistically are MF DOOM, Jay Electronica, and Vast Aire (of Cannibal Ox). His latest project is an EP with producer Skip The Kid titled Music Saved Me, a brief 6 song project that runs about 15 minutes. Knowitall works efficiently, getting in and out of each Skip The Kid track while sharing his thoughts in his own unique manner.

The EP kicks off with the title track Music Saved Me, which has the feel of an intro. The airy and drum-less production by Skip The Kid gives me Jay Electronica Eternal Sunshine vibes. Knowitall's flow though is more laid back and almost conversational with some changes of pace along the way. The emcee dives into the struggles of his past, his come-up, and all the ways music affected his life. While he briefly describes a few situations Knowitall mostly uses a 'stream of thought' style of rhymes.

Hip Hop saved me and caged me and raised me cause the game is gone. Rappers get on my nerve like my girl when the game is on. When I'm in the booth the flame is on.

The next track They Owe Us is a stark contrast to the EP's opener. Skip The Kid drops a frantic beat for Knowitall to spit on. The emcee shows a different look as well, with a more 'in pocket' delivery throughout. Here Knowitall gets political discussing what Black Americans are owed by the government.

They in no rush to pay us. Vote for politicians that give us the same shit every year, they 2K us! They truly played us.

Soil On My Sneaks is all about the hustle, both in the streets and in the rap game. Skip The Kid gives Knowitall a dark, grimey beat that's just perfect for his rhymes here. The following track, Goodbye, has both both the emcee and producer in their respective bags. The active melodic piano sample allows Knowitall to show some dexterity in his flow while he utilizes the theme of goodbye throughout the song.

I said goodbye and hi hater to the nay-sayers and day labor. Hear my verse and won't understand 'til a day later.

With Knowitall's rhyme style this is not a stretch to say you won't catch all references on the first listen. This is especially true on Scotty where the emcee jumps from subject to subject leaving breadcrumbs along the way.

The EP wraps up with Alone a soulful joint which changes pace as the beat switches. Similar to Goodbye Knowitall uses Alone as a theme throughout while getting into some personal thoughts.

Overall Music Saved Me is a strong EP which is worthy of a listen. The format of this project is not for everyone but it works for Knowitall. No hooks or choruses, just short songs with the emcee sharing what's on his mind with the listener. Skip The Kid's production meshes well with Knowitall's stream of thought rhymes as well as his different flows and rhyme-schemes. The bars on this project range from humorous & entertaining to thought provoking. Skip The Kid's production keep things interesting as you never feel like you're getting the same song twice. And at around 15 minutes long this EP doesn't ask for too much of your time.

Give Music Saved Me a listen on your favorite streaming platform!

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