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K!ng Jvmes x Kil - The First 48

The Kil produced EP makes a case that K!ng Jvmes is a 5 tool emcee.

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K!ng Jvmes x Kil - The First 48 (EP)

EP's have become a popular format in hip hop. Emcees have been releasing more of these projects throughout the year as a way to satisfy many hip hop fan's desire for more music, more often. Many EP's serve as a 'proof of concept' from an emcee and producer that haven't previously worked together. This is definitely the case with The First 48, even though the chemistry between K!ng Jvmes and Kil may have you think otherwise.

The First 48 kicks off with Wide Awake Boys featuring J. Arrr. Kil drops a funky midtempo beat which rides for a couple bars before K!ng Jvmes jumps in. The North Carolina emcee wastes no time showing off his flow and cadence along with his lyrical dexterity. This is classic boasting and taking shots at the competition.

Now that we got these motherf'ers attention, I guess I can get back to spittin', and crafting paragraphs from classic lyrics written with sentences that's cataclysmic. I treat your favorite rapper like I was having a picnic.

J. Arrr contrasts K!ng Jvmes with a punchline heavy verse full of slick references.

If they check all the Links I'm Zelda with it compelled to spit, I'm stuck with these bars like cell conditions. Words play you feel my features, not selling lyrics. Soon I'll need at least 4k to tell a vision.

Eden sets off with a different vibe as Kil pairs guitar riffs with melodic notes to create an almost serene backdrop. Here K!ng Jvmes gets personal, showing off some storytelling and self reflection, building to a tribute for his lost friends.

And Lord knows playing that role it took it's toll, but I just played the hand that was dealt and didn't fold. Cause the only way you're sure to loose is if you don't play, so I went all in and didn't hesitate.

K!ng Jvmes executes a DOPE concept song on Chess. Here he breaks down all of the pieces on a chessboard and how they’re used, while relating it to life and the streets. Kil ties in the concept beautifully by weaving in skits throughout that explain the game on a similar level.

Next up we got the Knight, mad versatile. It’s the perfect piece to get up-close and personal. And it’s the only piece on the board that can jump n*****, so keep one with your queen and make sure he run with her.

Sins Of The Father kicks off with horns and soulful vocals, which is only the stripped down version of Kil‘s infectious production which truly kicks into gear as K!ng Jvmes starts rhyming. Here the emcee is back in storytelling mode but this one is a cautionary street tale as opposed to personal revelations. This whole joint feels like an HBO series or a movie with how vividly descriptive K!ng Jvmes gets with the bars. I won’t share them for this review (as to not ruin the experience), but trust there’s plenty of twists here.

The First 48 wraps up with Stadium Music. On this joint K!ng Jvmes lets the sound of Kil’s production lead to the concept. This is a straight rock inspired track with hard drums and guitar riffs.

K!ng James’ slick wordplay is once again on display as he takes shots at his competition.

My pen jot patterns that damage these weak bammas and backpackers rapping with half the skill. Flowing after me when I spit, that’s like the wind blowing on a daffodil.

On the final verse K!ng Jvmes stance is similar to a lawyer making his final arguments. In this case he’s speaking to the ‘jury’ of listeners.

I put my heart in these lyrics, nothing less than my all is what I give it. I’m going hard hoping y’all feel it. If you nod your head I take it as feedback…

K!ng Jvmes and Kil both show levels of versatility with this EP. K!ng Jvmes gives the listener some dope concepts and stories to digest while Kil goes into his bag of tricks and gives each track a different vibe. This EP may only be 5 tracks but you’re getting all quality Hip Hop!

Check out the album The First 48 on Bandcamp. Soon to be released on all streaming platforms.

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