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I AM GAWD - The Eternal Reflection

The follow up to I AM GAWD is a more ambitious effort which succeeds at its goal.

I Am GAWD - The Eternal Reflection (Preview)

In 2020, during the heart of the pandemic I was introduced to an album by an emcee out of Chicago named T The GAWD titled I Am GAWD. Off the strength of my brother Kil and the #WordOfMouth Team I gave it a listen, and then I listened some more! I was blown away by what was one of the most refreshing albums I heard. I honestly did not expect to hear an emcee so polished lyrically and conceptually. I copped a physical copy of the album and eventually reviewed it here on FreedStyles. This was one of the 2020 projects that inspired the FreedStyles platform.

The emcee now simply known as I Am GAWD, didn't take long to get back to work. He linked up with producer Custom Made for a new project. This new album titled The Eternal Reflection is being released THIS FRIDAY (4/2) on Filthe Analects

While the pre-order is out now this album is officially dropping on Bandcamp Friday meaning that 100 percent of proceeds for album sales on that day will go directly to the artists. However, if you intend to cop a physical (CD, Vinyl or Both) quantities are limited so act now!

Now to get into my spoiler free album preview! There have now been 3 singles released for this project: From Chicago With Hate, The Ghost of Cavalier Mitchell, and Chosen. I know a few of my fellow hip hop heads to prefer to avoid singles and listen to whole projects in full, so if that's you I definitely respect it and honestly, I think you will be rewarded by your patience.

The Eternal Reflection is a concept album, exploring and challenging the culture of violence permeating through the inner city of Chicago. There is also a dialog interwoven throughout (both in the music and interludes) about the disconnect between the youth and the older heads. This is an album that challenges you to critically think about these things, in that way it's a throwback to many of the 80's and early 90's albums that were actively addressing social issues.

Lyrically I Am GAWD spits his bars with purpose. While he's always shown himself to be an emcee worthy of rewinding to catch all of his references and double entendre, the message is definitely at the forefront on this record. I Am GAWD stretches his pen, rapping from different perspectives and telling intricate stories to create a full thematic experience for the listener. The Custom Made production is the perfect companion for the Journey you are brought along on with this album. I am a big fan of 1 emcee and 1 producer projects in that it often results in a level of synergy when both are locked in and on the same page. Finally there are no wasted features on this album. All bring an element that adds to the story being told and fits the whole feel and vibe of the album.

While I would usually share my favorite tracks at this point (and I do have my favorites) this is an album that should be listened to in full and be appreciated for the full body of work that it is. Go cop it on Bandcamp Friday 4/2/20201!

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