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I AM GAWD - Hell’s Angels & Heaven’s Demons

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

I AM GAWD goes for the 3-Peat on his latest effort, building upon everything that worked on his previous releases.

I Am GAWD & Doc Da Mindbenda - Hell’s Angels & Heaven’s Demons

On I AM GAWD (2020), I and many other fans were introduced to the versatile Chicago emcee. I AM GAWD followed that up in early 2021 with what I had as a top 5 AOTY candidate - The Eternal Reflection (Produced by Custom Made). The momentum has not stopped for the FILTHĒ RECORDS artist as he has dropped another great project, Hell’s Angels & Heavens Demons. (For those keeping score that’s 3 for 3.)

If you are still digesting I AM GAWD’s previous Album The Eternal Reflection, it's understandable. There are many layers and themes to unpack on that album and this new album is no different. In many ways Hell's Angels & Heaven's Demons, produced entirely by Doc Da Mindbenda builds upon his previous work.

I AM GAWD is a vivid storyteller. Even on the songs were he’s not specifically telling a story he’s painting a detailed picture of Chicago. His strength here is bringing urgency and emotion to his lyrics; he can make you feel exactly what he’s portraying and he’s not afraid to make the listener uncomfortable. In short, he’s very adept at getting his point across!

I absolutely love the juxtaposition of the album title Hell’s Angels & Heaven’s Demons, which is portrayed on the album cover as well as the title track. On the song he describes gang members who are easily vilified and compares them with the detestable actions of ‘everyday people’ who may not always get the same vitriol, but should.

On the single Dreadhead Zombies I AM GAWD describes lost Chicago youth hooked on drugs & gang violence, while also touching on the drill scene.

Look, we used to fight for building blocks, now them blocks lined with abandoned buildings, it’s home to these families’ children
Of the ghetto. Metal is always in arms reach, shit is savage, ain’t shit lavish ***** this ain’t palm beach.

That’s not to say that the entire album is this heavy content wise. The albums 12 tracks are split into three acts so to speak. The middle four tracks give the listener somewhat of a breather, as I AM GAWD shows off on some lyrical exercises.

On Honor Me I AM GAWD makes his case for why he’s one of the best emcees doing it right now and is deserving of respect.

Instead of riding the wave I chose to carry on tradition,
The journey might be longer but I’m running on ambition.

On the single HHWND (an acronym for Hip Hop Will Never Die), I AM GAWD shows that as long as he’s a part of Hip Hop the culture is in good hands. Common Sense Is a lyrical exercise and a tribute to the emcees Chicago influences. This four track run is capped off by the posse cut Do Em Filthē which features bars by FILTHĒ RECORD’s finest emcees over bouncy head nodding Doc Da Mindbenda production.

On the final four tracks I AM GAWD gets back to the main themes of the album. A Father’s Love is the emcee in story mode breaking down how the cycle of incarcerated men affect the youth. On Bullet Proof Dreams I AM GAWD breaks down just how difficult it is to achieve your dreams in a city like Chicago and why it’s worth the effort.

On the final track On My Soul, I AM GAWD concisely tells the story of his journey while floating over a triumphant sounding Doc Da Mindbenda beat. The perfect way to wrap up his latest work of art.

I AM GAWD is a very intricate and layered lyricist who drops plenty of gems for you to catch on subsequent lessons. No different on this latest album, but there’s more than enough on the surface level to enjoy and appreciate. The production from Doc Da Mindbenda on this album is like the movie score to I AM GAWD’s script. The synergy is perfect and sets the mood for every track on the project.

Check out Hell’s Angels & Heaven’s Demons on Bandcamp with physical copies also available for purchase!

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