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Da Butcher - Underground Crown

The Long Island emcee takes a blue collar approach, crafting an album that celebrates his hustle & grind as an artist.

Da Butcher - Underground Crown

The beauty of Hip Hop in this day an age is that there’s something for everyone. As long as you’re willing to take the time to look you can find your niche. Hip Hop is nearing 50 years old and through the years there’s been no shortage of influences for emcees.

Underground hip hop is far from limited to a specific sound, it has become a preferred arena for Boom-Bap traditionalists to craft their vision of golden age hip-hop. Da Butcher is definitely cut from that cloth and provides a fix for underground fans craving something missing from the mainstream.

Restless M.I.N.D. handles all the production on Underground Crown and kicks things off on the intro with crisp drums, a stuttering beat and a haunting vocal sample. Da Butcher gives you a taste of what to expect on this album with braggadocio rhymes and an eye on the prize.

Head of a tyrant in my left hand, biggest cleaver you've seen in your life in my right. We on a one way flight, no landing. Dirtier than me in row with just a hundred grams and no financial planning.

Da Butcher follows up the intro with the title track Underground Crown with more brag swag with lines like "I've been raw since shimmy shimmy raw" and "forever classical, '94 Nas". Here Da Butcher is addressing his doubters and sharing some of his own affirmations that led to his victories.

Use To It features Che Noir who had a fantastic run in 2020. She joins Da Butcher in addressing the hustle and grind that got them to their respective spots and even shares some practical advice.

Don't spend what you owe, plenty of nights I spent in the cold. When I found my purpose I wrote a list of my goals.

On Right Rhymes Da Butcher shares some of his goals and ambitions for his hip hop career, as well as what hip hop has meant to his life.

The features continue with Tyson Fury which is appropriately preceded by a Tyson Fury promo skit of the boxer talking his shit. Da Butcher spits more bars about what he's achieved in his career and what he's aiming at. A-F-R-O drops a verse addressing everything from crooked cops, chemtrails and his A-1 agility and ability while executing a very dope rhyme-scheme that makes this a standout verse.

Indios is a more laid back vibe with Restless M.I.N.D. using a mellow guitar sample and Da Butcher switching up his flow for the occasion. On Roy DeMeo we get Da Butcher's coming of age story in rhyme form. Da Butcher & Restless M.I.N.D. switch up the vibe again on Candles Lit where Da Butcher details a steamy encounter with his lady.

While the previous 3 track run is a welcome change of pace Da Butcher and Restless M.I.N.D. get back in their boom bap bag starting with the posse cut Trilogy. Da Butcher shares some of his philosophy here:

If it drains my energy I don't feed it, but my ego's still eager, still scheming.

Meanwhile guest emcees Xpose and Space Kase speak on their brotherhood as the group The Trilogy and what they're bringing to the game.

On Doomed Children Da Butcher shows off his 'magic' chemistry with Restless M.I.N.D.

This is followed by one of my favorite joints on the album, the closer Rain, a Jazzy track filled with melodic piano keys and horns. On the second verse Da Butcher opens up about the loss of his father and how it has affected him.

Miss you pops it's been a year now, had to compose myself and hold the fort down. Really going through it, couldn't apply myself to anything in my life and do it to the fullest.
At work in zombie mode, plus album on hold. Didn't understand then and still don't, how the reaper snatched such a beautiful soul. In my son's face I see your glow f*** it we gonna grow.

This beautifully written and transparent verse highlights a side of Da Butcher that I'd like to see more of even though the emcee is in his bag with his brag rhymes, motivational quotes and the like.

The more personal lyrics and stories are really where I feel an emcee can endear to their fanbase. With some more of that and a bit more variety of subject matter, Da Butcher and Restless M.I.N.D. can build on all of the good things they have going with Underground Crown.

Underground Crown is available to cop on Bandcamp and is streaming everywhere.

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