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Ea$y Money x Melks - The Dream Is Free

Ea$y Money executes on a creative concept album fully produced by Melks

Ea$y Money & Melks - The Dream Is Free

The topic of hustling is one that has been covered throughout the long history of Hip Hop. It is relatable to a large section of Hip Hop fans who grew up in areas where this was the norm. Growing up in the hood often comes with a "do whatever it takes to survive" mentality, and the life of a hustler comes with a code & set of unwritten rules. On The Dream Is Free Ea$y Money breaks down every angle of the game, the risks, the rewards and everything in between.

Ea$y Money kicks off the album, and concept with the title track The Dream Is Free. This is a really dope way to start the album, it sets the mood and builds on the motivations of a hustler. Ea$y Money speaks on achieving one’s aspirations and calls out those who are unwilling to put in the work.

Ain't no getting close to this CREAM by posting them memes, get in touch with the real world go for your dreams. F*** a slice of this bread, I'm trying to get a loaf for the team, it's Money talking I don't know what you mean.

Ea$y Money does a great job of bringing the listener into his mentality and that just continues throughout The Dream Is Free. Melks for his part provides exact What’s needed on production. From the basslines to the keys and synths he helps to set the atmosphere that Ea$y Money is painting with his lyrics.

Tax Season dives deeper into the fast life of making big money and spending it with no reservations.

I'm spending cash just to get it out my pocket, cause it ain't trickin' if you got it. Knot so big I can't fit it in my pocket, wanna blow it all don't give a shit 'bout a deposit.

Here Ea$y Money shows the appealing side of the game that draws many to it, but one thing about this project, it is truly balanced. So while you get a peek at the glamorous side you will also get a glimpse everything else that comes with this lifestyle.

On Talk To Me Nice Ea$y Money is joined by Rasheed Chappell and Fabeyon for the albums first collab. The three compliment each-other nicely on this while contrasting each-other's verses and keeping to the albums core plot. While this joint neatly fits into the concept of the album, its the following three tracks which in my humble opinion are the heart of the album.

On Passion & Fury Ea$y Money tells a cautionary tale, showing the pitfalls of letting Money and Power go to your head. This is the start of a 3 song run that shows Ea$y Money displaying excellent storytelling and getting to the nitty gritty of the album's concept. Passion & Fury includes the perspective of a successful street hustler who's ego has gotten the best of him. Ea$y Money plays the character taking the listener into his mindset.

All of them blemishes can't change the fact that I'm a seven figure hitter, f*ck you if I can't get it with you n***a. You say I changed for the worst, I'm begging you to differ. Without you holding me back, I'm getting to it quicker.

After the first verse Melks switches up the beat and the homie being addressed responds, painting the situation from his own perspective.

A lesson in humility, homie don't go f*cking up your blessings with stupidity. Seem to me this paper really f'ing with you mentally. Nowadays you seem to view the rest of us as little-me's, I question your validity.

On Love Will Get You Killed Ea$y Money addresses some pitfalls of doing business with friends and family, along with the importance of keeping a level of respect in-tact. The emcee kicks a cautionary tale with a lesson to learn.

That's why you got no business having friends all in your business. That little friend title, that shit make a n***a feel entitled.

Desperation is a story of disloyalty and betrayal. As Ea$y Money raps on the hook:

Desperation is the root of disloyalty...

Throughout the track Ea$y breaks down just how someone who has been loyal for years can flip and just how quickly things can spiral out of control. The combination of Ea$y Money on the verses and Melks on the production has a cinematic feel to it.

The poetic spoken work interlude El Sueno Es Gratis, by Queen Philosophical arrives as a brief break from the heavy content.

Back to the bars... Perception Ain't Reality ft Termanology & Wais P begin a string of posse cuts. Topically this track addresses fakeness in the game including "Fake Ass Gangsters" and grown men frontin' on social media.

A-yo this rap sh*t is fake as the news. They buying blue checks, manipulating the views. Talking about your follower count, lets follow each-other to the bank and see who got the larger amount.

Coming to Collect is an absolute bar-fest featuring Dre Rob, Shawn Caliber, Chilla Jones & Phinelia with Ea$y Money setting things off.

You ain't tryna see a team they squeeze machines that give you the whole clip, credits and deleted scenes.

In my opinion how an artist kicks off and wraps-up an album will always leave a strong impression (Positive or Negative) I must applaud Ea$y Money and Melks for nailing both w/ The Dream Is Free. The final two tracks of the album address subject matter that is not often touched on in Hip Hop. Financial Literacy combats much of the messaging that you hear in today's Hip Hop and preaches being responsible with your money, making smart decisions and passing this knowledge to your kids. As the emcee says on the hook:

A'yo lets show the kids they can be whatever it is they can see, and teach them financial literacy. It's all real when you get it from me, it's all game and I give it for free.

On Los Riveras Ea$y Money muses about his legacy, including his impact as a father. He speaks to his daughters and even features them between his verses. Having this as the final track on The Dream Is Free really puts into perspective what "The Dream" is truly about. Ea$y Money makes it clear here who he's doing it all for, also making it clear that it's not JUST about making money and providing gifts.

And I have to reassure, the love from your dad is pure. Gave you everything I never had and more. Not no PS5 or no iPad, though that's never nothing that I had. Despite all your blessings, I'm not talking presents, I'm taking your father's presence.

Just when you think the album is over, a Melks beat switch leads to more aggressive Ea$y Money bars, leaving the listener hungry for more.

Ea$y Money & Melks crafted a strong album with The Dream Is Free. This is a well executed project with an over arching concept and message anchored by some strong storytelling. You're getting bars that make you think and while most of the subject matter ties into hustling it's covered from many different perspectives and angles. The production by Melks throughout compliment the Ea$y Money's lyrics without overpowering the message.

Check out The Dream Is Free on your favorite streaming platform, and if you're unfamiliar with Ea$y Money definitely take a dive into his catalog!

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