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Anthony Kannon x Chade Summerset - Plug Talk 2

Producer Chade Summerset & Emcee Anthony Kannon link up for a dynamic EP

Plug Talk 2

Anthony Kannon x Chade Summerset - Plug Talk 2

Plug Talk 2 is an EP that makes the most of its 5 tracks and leaves a strong impression right from the bat. While it may have been released too late in the year to gain traction on year-end lists, this is a project which will have momentum going into the next year as well.

Anthony Kannon is a trap rapper regardless of the production, and while his subject matter doesn't re-invent the wheel, how he packages and delivers these hard-hitting bars is refreshing. All of the production on this EP is handled by Chade Summerset, who drops some of the dopest (and hardest) beats I’ve heard all year. At a time when drumless loops are still trending in underground Hip-Hop, this is truly refreshing!

The project kicks off with 20,000 (Money Talk). Chade hits us immediately with hard drums, soulful vocal samples, and scratched vocals courtesy of DJ Wreck1ne, a banger off the bat. Anthony Kannon doesn't waste time hitting just as hard with his bars, sharing his perspective on a number of different subjects.

I think I got em mad, I'm acting too pretentious. Stabbed in the back ain't have to match it to forensics. Probably pop a bottle with the pastor of my wedding and I'm saving all my money, cause rap don't got a pension.

Anthony Kannon is definitely witty throughout the project and shows off some different flows and deliveries compared to his January release Saint Kannon.

While 20,000 set off the EP proper, the duo goes even harder on the next track Pain Ain't Nothin. This joint is dark and grimy, reminiscent of mid 90's east coast hip hop. The combination of Chade's hard drums and DJ Wreck1ne's scratched vocals hit the sweet spot once again. Anthony Kannon brings more witty bars while getting comfortably into his street hustle bag.

Look at me, now look at you, Old Spice. Still spending money from an old heist, I can smell the broke type. I take trips I don’t roll dice. He told cause he‘s on parole, feds let him go but gave his bro life.

Whether or not you can relate to Kannon it’s hard not to feel his passion & emotion. He is assisted by Jayy Grams who drops a dope verse as well.

The title track Plug Talk 2 serves to smooth things out a bit. Production-wise Chade brings a soulful / speakeasy jazz vibe. The strings here are reminiscent of something Rae and Ghost would have spit over on Cuban Linx. Anthony Kannon adjusts his flow & delivery to let the track breathe, but he doesn’t let up with the bars. DJ Wreck1ne puts the cherry on top with another scratched hook.

Sundress SZN is a change of pace with not only the production but subject matter as well. This is a joint the ladies can enjoy with a soulfully sung feature from K@T. Here Anthony Kannon spits a different type of game, but he doesn’t miss a step. Even still, Chade lets you know it’s hip hop with the hard drums.

The EP wraps up with an introspective Anthony Kannon on Death Of Me, presenting many different sides of the life he chose, both good and bad.

Plug Talk 2 is a strong and concise EP. The duo of Anthony Kannon & Chade Summerset shows strong chemistry while DJWreck1ne brings another element with scratches, adding a level of griminess that's a strong complement to the project.

I also applaud the decision to include the instrumentals on the album stream. In my opinion it allows a greater appreciation for what Chade did production-wise.

Check out the EP Plug Talk 2 on Apple Music and all Streaming platforms.

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