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2020 Slept On Artist: j. Sands

J. Sands addresses damn near everything, while dropping 2 albums worthy of your ears.

2020's Slept On J. Sands

The main reason I created this FreedStyles platform was to put a spotlight on independent & underground artists who I felt are underappreciated. Not only do I want to spotlight new music but also some releases by DOPE artists who's releases were a bit under the radar. One emcee who I felt deserved more shine & recognition in 2020 was Pittsburg emcee J. Sands.

The Lone Catalysts lyricist dropped 2 excellent 'sister' projects in 2020, VFBOYAB & ABORVFT

These albums by title alone, (Vote For Biden Or You Ain't Black & A Bunch Of Racists Voted For Trump) make very clear J Sand's disdain for 45 A.K.A. former Pres. Trump. And if the Album titles aren't clear enough the song titles aren't exactly cryptic either.

On these albums J. Sands addresses damn near everything that made 2020 such a crazy and stressful year. He gets into political and social issues addressing them in a straightforward, almost conversational manner. It must also be stated that J Sands is an emcees emcee first and foremost so you're getting sharp bars & some great storytelling over choice samples & boom bap production.

Joints like Darona are incredibly honest and relatable.

While J. Sands sprinkles in some humor with the serious topics it's also clear that he's not concerned with who he may offend, and this is refreshing to hear.

Check out J Sands latest video for 'Karen'. VFBOYAB & ABORVFT are available on Bandcamp as well as all streaming music platforms.

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