Mr Brady & Budamunk - Tainted Scrolls of Mr Buda

January 17, 2021
Word Of Mouth

Mr Brady & Budamunk - Tainted Scrolls of Mr Buda

San Diego's own Mr Brady and Japanese Producer Budamunk have dropped their collaborative album Tainted Scrolls of Mr Buda.

The album is truly a whole vibe that has more in common with Jazz than just the samples used on the record. On the contrast, these tracks are short but sweet giving you just enough and then moving on to the next bite.

Mr Brady is more than just an emcee on this album, he uses his voice as such that it's another instrument. That said it's foolish to sleep on Brady's bars as he's dropping many gems throughout this project.

Although Budamunk is handling things behind the boards it's clear Mr Brady takes his own producer mindset into his rhymes and delivery, making this collaboration feel like a natural pairing.

My personal standouts on this project are Jazz, Picasso and Marauders but this is definitely a press play and vibe out album!

Check out 'Tainted Scrolls of Mr Buda' Below

Eddie Diaz

My name is Eddie & I love Hip Hop.

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