Mega Ran x Wands Vision (Freestyle)

March 22, 2021
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Mega Ran x Wanda Vision (Freestyle)

If you haven't seen Wanda Vision yet, where have you been? The Marvel Series had many confused early on but finished strong to become a pandemic hit which spawned a straight up bop in 'Agatha All Along'. Mega Ran may have his own Pandemic hit with his freestyle over a remixed 'Agatha All Along' instrumental.

A Teacher & self professed 'Nerd Rapper' Ran is known for rapping about subjects ranging from Video Games, Comics and Wrestling. On the 'Wandavision Rap' Mega Ran showcases his lyrical abilities while effortlessly weaving in clever Marvel & Wanda Vision references.

Eddie Diaz

My name is Eddie & I love Hip Hop.

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