Chade Summerset Interview

February 4, 2021

Chade Summerset Interview

I'm proud to share my first ever Freed Styles Interview. This is something new for me but also something that I am excited to share!

Check out my interview with Chade Summerset a Hip Hop producer with the mind of a composer.

Where we talk about his music & instrumental projects, the upcoming OSV4 album(s), his musical influences, his love for anime culture, as well as his fondest Hip Hop Memory.

Chaden is definitely sharing a lot of gems here! If you are unfamiliar with his music this is a great opportunity to discover something dope!

Check out the interview below:

Chade Summerset's new album OSV4 (Otaku Supply Vol 4) is coming soon, but in the meantime you can find all of his music available on your favorite streaming platforms!

Eddie Diaz

My name is Eddie & I love Hip Hop.

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