C-Jillz Schisma (Bandcamp Friday)

January 22, 2021
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C-Jillz Schisma (Bandcamp Friday)

Happy Bandcamp Friday to the fans & independent artists! If you're unfamiliar with Bandcamp Friday, this is the day when artists on Bandcamp make 100% of the proceeds on purchases.

Now that you're familiarized with Bandcamp Friday, may I suggest an artist & album worthy of your purchase. Producer C-JILLZ recently dropped a very dope project titled 'Schisma' which is available on the Bandcamp platform right now.

Shisma is an album that puts the spotlight on C-Jillz as a producer as well as the featured emcees who are down with C-Jillz' SUPASOUNDS crew. The emcees, anchored by strong performances from Race Bannon & James Earl Bonez & Original Super Legend (among others) truly compliment the production. You get a lot of playful bars and clever wordplay, as well as a fair share of braggadocio. This element gives many of the songs a cipher feel to them. The emcees, for their part do sprinkle in some jewels here and there to show some lyrical depth, especially present on the latter part of the album following the interlude.

Even with the dope performances from the emcees on this project, C-Jillz was not one to be outshined. His beats truly bring this project to life with the choice samples and hard drums. The production throughout was refreshing to listen to as it was evident that C-Jillz was doing his own thing as opposed to following trends.

While the entire album is strong and flows incredibly well, I gotta shout out a few standouts:

88' Pistons ft. Bob Chin, Sean Strickland, James Earl Bonez, & Race Bannon

Keep Ya Distance (Contagious) ft. Race Bannon & Southside Cos G

One Two ft. Original Super Legend & Race Bannon

Sound Byte ft. Race Bannon and Dee Jackson

Dialysis Center ft. James Earl Bonez, Shade E Wick, & Race Bannon

Check out the album Schisma at Bandcamp (Link Below)

Eddie Diaz

My name is Eddie & I love Hip Hop.

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